transparency | Group exhibition - Staufen


Opening reception: Friday, 18.01.2019, 7:00 pm

Opening speech: Dr. Heike Piehler

The exhibition “transparency” presents the works of three artists approaching the issue in quite different ways.

The transparent paper collages by Waltraut Brugel (*1948) from Staufen involve literature, especially lyrics. They all have been created recently.

Ela Pamula (*1974) lives and works in Krakow. Her expression is painting. In the exposition she shows works in oil on canvas produced within the last two years.

Nicola Staeglich (*1970 in Oldenburg) lives in Berlin. Her pictoral objects painted on the backside of acrylic glass are fixed on the wall with a distance. They show in an impressive way transparency and brilliance of color.

Ausgewählte Arbeiten